Good Neighbors

One of my neighbors just brought over a huge purple chrysanthemum. She had been out buying plants and got one for me too. Maybe she felt sorry for my poor porch, which doesn’t have even a pumpkin or any other décor to celebrate fall or Halloween. Just hadn’t gotten around to it. One of my other neighbors invited me to his fall spaghetti dinner for the neighborhood. He’s lived here only two years and this will be his third block party. We all pitch in with desserts, drinks and side dishes. I’ve lived here a lot longer and not once had a block party. Wait a minute, I did have a couple of backyard parties for my late husband’s milestone birthdays, where all the food was catered and we had live music and a piñata full of candy for the kids. Those should count, I guess. But I’m just glad I have good neighbors. We may not all go to the same church or go to church at all or agree politically, but we’re still there for each other. If you have good neighbors, count your blessings.

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