A Spot of Light

A small crystal hangs in my kitchen window over the sink. One day, when the sun came through, a spot of light showed up on my kitchen wall. It was just a spot of light. But when I went into the dining room and happened to look at the spot from a different angle, all the colors of the spectrum showed up, from dark purples and blues down through the color scale to bright oranges and deep reds. It was gorgeous! I understand that a prism breaks light into the various colors, but why did the color show up on my wall from only one direction. I walked back in the kitchen and checked it again. Yes, same result. I’m sure someone in the know could explain this phenomenon to me. But it made me think that when we look at ourselves as Christians, we see ourselves as ordinary human beings full of faults, but when God looks at us through the prism of his Son’s grace, he sees a favorite beloved son or daughter clothed in a radiant brilliant coat of many colors. Why have so many doubts, worries and concerns when we are so loved by the Almighty God himself, our Father, the Creator of the universe!

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