The Sins of My Youth

Ouch! Zapped again! Got home from my annual dermatologist appointment with blotches all over my face and especially on my nose. All those years growing up, playing outdoors, swimming, horseback riding, without a thought of protecting my skin, now I’m paying the price. Wear a hat or sunscreen? My goal was to have fun outdoors, and getting a tan along with it was just an extra benefit. Yes, a blistered nose often went along with my summer fun. Feeling the sore spots on my face make me think of other more serious bad decisions of my youth and adult years, the spiritual sins. They have consequences too. I won’t go into those for several reasons, but mainly because Jesus’ sacrifice has blotted out those sins from my record. Thank you, Lord! But, even though through God’s grace, my sins are forgiven, like the precancerous spots on my body, the results of sin don’t automatically go away. The decisions we make, whether bad or good, can affect not only us but those around us for years to come. Sin has consequences. Sin hurts people. That’s why God hates sin!

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