Ugh, I’ve Got a Bug

Didn’t go to choir practice today or to line dancing. I woke up with a symptom I won’t describe here, except to say it’s highly unpleasant. Our family got together yesterday at a restaurant to celebrate a son-in-law’s birthday. Was it something I ate? Checked with the family but all were feeling okay. I’m one of those people who, aside from random headaches, seldom gets sick. It’s been years since I’ve even had a cold. So I don’t like being slowed down. What does one do when you have to stay close to home with nothing on your agenda? Go through my closet and do a clear out? No, don’t feel like it. Reorganize my files? No, don’t feel like that either. Cooking anything is out of the question. I know, I’ll read! I always feel like that!

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