Not Another Doggy Story

Out to dinner with friends the other night when one said she had to take one of her dogs to the vet. We looked at her with little smiles because we know she always has at least one doggy story every time we get together, often including photos on her cell phone. She said she bought a new dog bed for her two inside dogs, and one of them is allergic to it. She noticed its paws and bottom were getting raw so she took it to the vet for some healing ointment. This is the same dog that refuses to eat its food until it takes out a bit, carries it to the living room and examines it closely. This action is repeated three times before the dog will decide to eat its meal. Her other dog watches this routine closely and if the tidbit isn’t consumed quickly enough, snatches the food itself. Another friend asked, “Why is it you always seem to have at least one weird animal around your place?” She didn’t know, but said it was good entertainment for her and her husband.

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