Horses—God’s Gift

Do you like horses? I’ve had a love affair with horses from childhood (horses are God’s gift to teenage girls). One of my earliest memories is being up on a horse with my sister, and trying to get the horse to run. It was an old horse that had long ago retired from getting in a hurry. I finally motivated the horse to get into a trot with my little sister (she might have been 3) hanging on behind me yelling, “Slow him, She-eye, slow him!” My sister and I didn’t have any kid-safe horses as we grew up. We learned to ride the hard way, with the scars to prove it. Of course, if you’re going to ride horses, you’re going to have falls. But no more, I sold probably the last horse I will ever own a couple of years ago. I miss him, but it’s OK. I live in Texas horse country and am surrounded by horses and horse ranches. I love it! I get to see horses every day.

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