Habits or Obsessions?

 We were at the golf course early one morning when we overheard one of our more enthusiastic golfers say: “What a great day to golf! Just took off to the course, didn’t even bother to make my bed!” A woman next to me and I exchanged glances. Maybe an eyebrow was raised. It was obvious we were the “never leave your home without making your bed” kind of people. Why is that? It made me wonder why always making my bed is so important to me? (I also have this thing about having an empty kitchen sink before I go to bed.) Do I think if I leave the house and get killed in a car wreck that someone will go to my house and be horrified to see I left my bed unmade? How crazy is that! Now I know it’s worthwhile to have good habits, but it’s not good to obsess over them. So, if you’re one of those who can ignore an unmade bed, all power to you. I don’t judge you. But if you come to my house and find my bed unmade, I’ll probably still be in it and dead!


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