Today’s Rant

I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! They’ve taken my recycling away! First it was the recycle bin I put out at the curb every Wednesday. No more door to door. Recycled material had to be taken to large community bins. OK, I can do that. Then they took away those bins. Recycled materials, except glass, had to be taken to the city dump. Well, that’s a bit of a drive, but I can do that. Now, the city has decided no recycled materials accepted from outside the city limits. (They will take it if you pay them, same $18 price for any amount, which would be fine if you had a truck load.) I know, China isn’t taking our recycled trash anymore and the price per pound has dropped to almost nothing. Why were we sending it to China anyway? Why don’t we have our own companies recycling trash? I don’t know the answer, but every time I put old newspapers and magazines or a bottle or a plastic container in my trash bin, I cringe a bit. We’re junking up our beautiful world.


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