It’s About Time

Are you tied to your clock? Or watch or for many of us our cell phone that dings at us to remind us of some appointment or maybe to take a medication or pay a bill. As I was writing this, my cell phone dinged, and, of course, I had to get up from my computer, go find it and see what was going on. You know, centuries ago, time wasn’t such a taskmaster. People went by the seasons, phases of the moon and sundown and sunup. Some wiggle room when it came to time. Who cared if the lunar year wasn’t exactly the same every yearly cycle. Those concerns didn’t happen until much later. I have to admit I even have a hard time sometimes finding enough time for God. Even though I know when I slow down and take time for God, something else good happens in my life. I have more of the heart of Jesus. I find myself kinder, gentler, more forgiving. Less concerned with self. When we humans take time for God we have time to talk to a child or grandchild who seems a little sad. We have time to listen to a friend or coworker or family member who doesn’t seem his or her self lately. We have time to rejoice with those who are rejoicing and time to comfort those who are suffering. Prayer, meditation, Bible study—they’re for our good, not God’s.


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