That’s Just Not Right!

The little white truck needed gas so I threw the ice chest in the back and headed east on CR902. Might as well get a few groceries while I’m in town. Little traffic this morning so I enjoyed looking at the horses on my way. The black and white gypsy vanners were busy grazing away. I didn’t see the long horn cows though. They were probably off in the trees. I turned right at FM3092 until I turned back left again on to 82 east and into Gainesville. Pulled up to a gas pump—a plastic sack wrapped around the nozzle told me it was out of order. So I drove around to the other side of the pumps and found a working one. Gassed up the truck, stuck my credit card in the slot, paid and drove on to the grocery store. I didn’t need much so it didn’t take long. I grabbed what I needed, wheeled my shopping cart up to the scanner, scanned my groceries, stuck my credit card in the slot, paid and left the store. As I drove away, it occurred to me that I had been in a town of 16,000 people and hadn’t spoken to or interacted with even one person. That’s just not right! Though it wasn’t noon yet, I drove up to Chicken Express, ordered a couple of pieces of chicken and a coleslaw, paid and gave the girl at the window a nice tip. She smiled and thanked me.

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