He Still Ain’t Broke

Living in the country is great, especially near a small town. I even enjoy Wal-Mart. Now, you can say what you will about the superstore, you’ll meet the friendliest people there. Maybe it’s just rural Texas, but in how many places do you have total strangers begin a conversation with you as if they’ve known you for years. Yesterday, an older couple approached the Wal-Mart pharmacy near where I was shopping. The man had on a cowboy hat, red shirt and jeans held up by suspenders. He turned to me and explained that his wife had eaten something that had disagreed with her, he thought maybe chicken, and needed …. About this time his white-haired wife began using hand signals to warn him to stop giving out so much information to strangers. He laughed and said, “She’s had papers on me for 53 years and I still ain’t broke.” You have to understand this is horse country. By not being “broke,” he was referring to taming horses, not to anything monetary. He went on to tell me he had lived on the Red River all his life. (The Red River separates Oklahoma and Texas.) He said she was a city girl and he was country, and after they got married they moved to the Red River and still lived there. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more. About this time his wife of 53 years walked off down the aisle–husband and shopping cart in tow.


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