Grandma Said

“If it isn’t worth mending, it isn’t worth keeping.” I could hear my maternal grandmother’s words in my ears as I hung up my shirt with the tiny hole under one sleeve. I can wear it once more, I thought. But grandmother won out. In the sewing basket it went. OK, to be clear, I don’t sew anymore, but I still mend if forced to. And, though long gone, my grandmother is still a force. It made me ask myself, what kind of influence am I, not only on my children, but also on my grandchildren. What will they remember that I said or did 30 or 40 or more years from now. It may not be what first comes to mind. My kids already remind me of sayings or deeds I’ve long ago forgotten and am amazed they remember. We are links in a chain. We are made up of family past, family present and family future through our offspring. And, our influence can go well beyond our families. Quoting William Barclay: “It is our terrible responsibility that we leave something of ourselves in the world by leaving something of ourselves in others.” Yikes! I’m praying I’m a worthy link in that chain!

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