It’s Fall–Finally!

Softly falling raindrops on the roof. Cooler temperatures. Geese headed south. It’s fall–finally! What a summer we’ve had, especially an August of no rain combined with weeks of 100-plus temperatures. But now a respite before winter sets in. Only subtle changes in the tree leaves but the grasses alongside the roads are seeded out and showing tinges of yellow. I love the changing seasons. Walking around town in my shirt sleeves in the dead of winter was nice when I lived in Southern California, but I missed the seasons. They remind me that life has its seasons as well. (I think there’s a song about that.) If we gave each season 25 years, that would make spring ages 1 to 25 years, summer 25 to 50, fall 50 to 75 and winter 75 to 100. Like the annual seasons, there’s a lot of variation in each of those seasons. I’m not sure where I’m going with this except to say while the earth goes on year after year, season after season, our human life spans don’t. If we’re fortunate we have spring, summer, fall and winter. My dad didn’t make it to fall and a son barely made it to summer. Yet my mother lived well into her winter years, blessed with a long and full life. My point–whatever season we’re in, let’s take time to stop and think about our life. Let’s not let life pass us by. Let’s take time to enjoy and treasure each day God gives us.

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