True Forgiveness

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness. Can you truly forgive those who aren’t sorry they hurt you? Can there be reconciliation without justice to the injured person? Martin Luther King said, “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” And we know what Jesus taught about forgiveness. He even forgave those who put him on that terrible cross, while he was being tortured to death! Now that’s true forgiveness! As a follower of Jesus, I’m exhorted to forgive as he forgave. I’ve learned I can’t do it. That level of forgiveness can come only by the aid of my Savior through the Holy Spirit.

3 thoughts on “True Forgiveness

  1. Amen Sheila! It’s still a process but getting easier with the help of our Savior. One small request: going through a major health crisis with my husband Butch right now. May I request prayers from you? Life has become very chaotic. Thanks!


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