At the Well

She was suspicious. She didn’t know him. Why was he speaking to her? And, on top of that, he seemed odd, maybe even a little crazy. What he said didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But she needed the water so she stayed. Then he tells her details of her life he couldn’t know about. Okay, you’re a prophet, she says, then she changes the subject, enough about her personal life. Embarrassed, she brings up a familiar Jew vs. Samaritan argument. Jesus counters this argument and reveals he is the Messiah. The Bible doesn’t say if Jesus got that drink of water, but the woman at the well got so much more. She met her Savior and received his everlasting water.

2 thoughts on “At the Well

  1. Oh, I believe she left that jug of water for him as she went to tell all of her blessing; the gift of the Messiah in her life.Thanks Sheila!


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