Thanks to Our Pastors!

October is Pastor’s Appreciation month. This is the guy or gal whom God has called to serve us week after week and month after month, year after year. They listen to and pray for our concerns, lead our Bible studies, officiate at our weddings and funerals and are expected to come up with a Spirit-led sermon every week. Yet life’s problems find them just as well as us. Our pastor and his wife both suffered covid this year, and he had an appendicitis attack and needed emergency surgery while on a mission trip to Mexico. I won’t get into a contest about whose pastor is the best, but mine is A No. 1! A great big thank you to all our pastors!

One thought on “Thanks to Our Pastors!

  1. Praise God for this service and for all who serve us in this way! Thank you as well for your message of hope and grace; you as well serve us with the word of God! God is good!


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