The Perfect Egg

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m expected to provide deviled eggs for many family get-togethers. That means a lot of boiled eggs to peel, which makes me think about how perfect the egg is designed. The hard shell, so hard it stays in your compost forever, yet is easily cracked. (And, it only totally hardens after it is laid. I’m sure the hens appreciate that!) Under the shell is the thin membrane that makes it easier to peel. The white of the egg is next and then the colorful, golden yellow in the center. The hens lay many more eggs than they need, so there’s plenty of these protein-laden wonders for them and for us. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give eggs a 10.

One thought on “The Perfect Egg

  1. I agree with you. Do you think God had deviled eggs in mind? Whether you did or not he still makes beautiful things. Thanks Sheila!


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