God Help Us!

She was only 18 and she went missing. Along with so many others I prayed she would be found safe. Though I didn’t know her personally, her parents attended the university I once worked for. After many days, they found her remains buried in the desert. They have a suspect in custody. Why, Lord? It’s a fair question, as long as you realize God didn’t create robots. He created flesh and blood beings free to make choices, good or evil. Sex was created by God as a good gift, but for decades sex and sexual fantasies have been used to sell products. The old fashioned word chastity, for any reason, seems odd now. To think otherwise is not politically correct. Sexual promiscuousness is not new, of course, but now it’s acceptable, even preferable. The result is confusion, emotional pain and sexual abuse of all forms. Such horrifying news motivates me and I hope you to pray even more fervently for God’s Kingdom to fully come.

One thought on “God Help Us!

  1. Sexualizing children starting even in kindergarten is now the norm and while parents and others concerned are told it is not happening, I know that teachers are taught in workshops how to hide sexual activities from the parents and how to coach (groom) the children. The second evil I see in the public schools is the Critical Race Theory which is also subtly taught in our schools. I am attending school board meetings and occasionally address them, but mostly I go to support and encourage the parents who are starting to get involved. I know that when we moved here 40 years ago, the influence to trust the teachers but not the parents had already begun in the public schools.


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