Not Always God’s Will

A friend questioned some of my comments in “God’s Will—Really?” So, if she has questions, I’m sure others do too. No, I don’t believe everything that happens is by default, God’s will. When I prayed for people in the path of hurricane Sally, I realized God rarely interferes with the natural laws he has set in motion. If he answered every one of our prayers individually to interfere with natural laws, this planet would be in chaos. I prayed anyway. (I have precedent. Jesus calmed a storm.) When my loved ones are ill, it may be a consequence of accidents or of environmental pollution or of their own unwise choices, and they may have to suffer through, but I pray anyway. (Again, I have precedent. Jesus is a healer and a forgiver of sins.) I don’t believe God is an absentee parent or a so-called helicopter parent, but he’s always available to each of us. I may be somewhat of a mystic in the sense I believe God communicates with me personally, but I believe he does. I’m not special in this. I believe he will personally and individually speak to anyone who desires and seeks that kind of relationship with him. I hope I’m being childlike and not childish in my beliefs. Thank you, dear friend. I hope this helped answer yours and any other’s questions.

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