The Doom Spiral

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I enjoy reading the comics in the newspaper. Some of my favorites have puns, which I enjoy. Some aren’t that funny, but I read them anyway. And others poke fun at our human foibles, making me cringe and think. One of those showed a friend calling another to see what he was reading. The friend replied that yes, he was planning to read, but now that his phone was in his hand, he was going to “check social media and slip into a doom spiral.” Yikes! Yes, that happens to me! When I get a message alert, it’s hard not to also check emails or Facebook or whatever. I rarely check Twitter because that can quickly put me into a “doom spiral.” Right now my phone is my link to the outside world, but for my physical, mental and spiritual health, I must set limits. Our world is going kind of crazy right now!

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