Our God Cares

First, I saw it circling. Surely that hummingbird is not going to get down in the birdbath! It circled again, waiting for the larger birds to leave. I was fascinated, watching and wondering what it would do. Finally, it got its chance and hovered just above the water, like a tiny helicopter, dipping its beak for a drink. Then, zipped off again, just to return for another quick sip. So much fun to watch. Though we’re in a serious, deadly pandemic, life goes on in the world of nature. God continues to create and to sustain his creation. The flowers bloom, the rains come, the birds build their nests, life goes on. The frisky squirrels, the birds that splash in my birdbath and the almost tame rabbits in my yard are unaware a crisis is going on in the human realm. But God knows. If he cares so much for his little feathery and furry creatures, how much more for us.

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