Gone but Not Forgotten

I’ve lost a friend. We saw each other rarely, usually at church conferences, because she lived in Zambia, but we were friends. When I saw her again at a women’s conference in Zimbabwe two years ago, I did not dream it would be the last time. Many years before, when I first heard her speak in her low, melodious voice, her words so wise and gracious, I recognized a spiritual leader. She was poised in demeanor, not overly talkative and easily approachable. I will always remember how she looked when she wore her colorful native costume, standing so tall and erect and beautiful. Tributes to her from mutual friends continue to show up on my Facebook page. Their comments remind me of the widows in Acts 9 who in their grief at the disciple Tabitha’s death extolled her “good works and acts of charity.” Nsama, a wife, a mother and a mentor to so many, I miss you, my friend.

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