“Like What You See?”

Every few days when I open my computer, another beautiful photo of some place in the world appears on the screen. Most of the photos are nature photos, of amazing waterfalls or surreal looking mountain cliffs or mysterious forests. The caption, “Like what you see?” is in a corner of the photos, and I always respond that I like the photos, even though the photo may be of a desolate desert scene. The deserts of this world have their own beauty. The photos are from everywhere, some of the places I’ve visited and some I haven’t, but all are beautiful. God didn’t limit nature’s loveliness to one country or to one continent; he spread it generously throughout the world for all his creatures to enjoy. That realization confirms again God’s love for this world and all the people in it, no matter who they are or where they live. We are all his children. The scientists say earth and nature are running down and will eventually be no more, but God says earth and nature will be redeemed and transformed, just as we are and will be. That’s good news!

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