Flying Away

The small plane was flying low over the landscape. That’s what I first noticed, its yellow wings looking golden in the sunlight. It’s not uncommon to see personal planes flying here, but flying that low was unusual. As I continued driving, I saw it again, but this time it was even lower, then it banked and flew across in front of me. It’s going to land in that pasture, I thought. Was there an emergency? Then I saw a wide area had been mowed through the field to make a landing strip. The plane landed and taxied down toward some outbuildings. I’ve always wanted to fly a plane, but the closest I’ve been is a computer flight simulator. I’ve flown in a plane many times, from huge Boeing 747s to helicopters, and even in a private jet once, but that’s not the same as being up front at the controls. How freeing that must feel to be up in the air flying over the earth. Someday, in another life!

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