A Perspective

My stimulus check finally arrived. Unlike so many who are out of work with no income, I’m retired and on a fixed income. Though I’m certainly not wealthy, I don’t need the check as much as some do. I’m self-isolated at home, not going out to eat or driving down to church, so I’m doing okay. (Of course, while my gasoline budget has gone down, my grocery budget has gone way up! Have you noticed that?) This check is extra spending money for me. But, something a lot of us are learning in this pandemic is having more things isn’t important when your health is on the line. What good are more things to those gasping for breath in a hospital ventilator? If nothing else, I hope this crisis is making us rethink our priorities. I realize we’re supposed to spend that money to help the economy but maybe sharing some of it with our community food banks is an even better option.


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