A Different Mother’s Day

Well, this Mother’s Day was definitely different! Before Zoom church, we had a Zoom family get-together. Some gray was showing in the parts in people’s hair and my son had grown what he called his Corona beard. So my offspring enjoyed kidding one another. In spite of having to visit through cyberspace, we had fun. That afternoon my girls and husbands brought flowers and gifts and fried chicken for a picnic in my backyard. We placed patio and camping chairs in a big circle properly distanced apart but close enough to visit with one another. I loved it! It makes me so sorry not everyone could have their family together on Sunday. Mother’s Day for some was not as happy as it could have been. Some have lost loved ones, even precious children or beloved grandparents. Some families are estranged for one reason or another. Others are separated because of serving their country in some far place in the world. If you had a happy Mother’s Day, be thankful!


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