God’s Comforter

God’s Holy Spirit caused King Saul to dance around and prophesy. He woke little Samuel with a message for a failing priest. He thundered from Mount Sinai and whispered to Elijah. He appeared as wind and fire to Peter and those congregated in Jerusalem at Pentecost. In the Old Testament he worked with specially chosen individuals but in the New Testament, beginning at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is freely offered to all who repent and believe. The Holy Spirit is referred to as a comforter, and he is. He communicates love, joy and peace from our Savior to us, as well as gives us spiritual gifts so we can accomplish God’s will. From the Father to the Son, from the Son to the Holy Spirit, from the Holy Spirit to us, God’s love flows as a graceful river that never ends. What’s our part? To join God in his ministry of love to the world!


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