When we, or someone we know, receive answers to our prayers, we marvel at God’s miracles on our behalf. We are grateful but also a bit amazed. Wow, isn’t God great! But, think about it, we call what God does miracles, yet to God they aren’t. They are just as normal and natural to God as any human endeavor we’re capable of on our own. And what about us? Jesus said we could move a mountain if we had enough faith. Peter walked on water until his faith failed him. Doesn’t this show evidence this world we live in is not just rocks and clay and seas and stars. Have we grownups forgotten what it is to look with the eyes of a child? Wonders surround us. We take for granted that every spring flowers will bloom and birds will nest. But why is that? Because God is constantly sustaining his creation. If he weren’t we and everything we know would disappear. God loves his creation and restoration is coming!

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