A Little Bigger Sacrifice

If you read “A Little Sacrifice” from a couple of weeks ago, you know I was trying to decide what to give up for Lent this year. Although observing Lent is not my normal practice, a few years ago I decided it was a good way to keep my mind on Christ’s sacrifice as we approach Resurrection Sunday. Someone suggested getting rid of an item from my closet each day, and I was bemoaning that idea because I had just cleared out a lot of clothes. Then it came to me to donate a book to our library’s book sale every day. I quickly tried to put that thought out of my mind as getting rid of my books is much harder than getting rid of clothes. Yes, my bookcases are crammed with books—text books, commentaries, concordances, Bibles and dictionaries in several languages, inspirational books, art books, travel books, you name it. I have lost count of my books! Many I will not read again, but they are so meaningful to me. I’ve heard getting rid of an old textbook doesn’t lower your IQ level. I’m not so sure! But, wait—think—compared to Christ’s sacrifice, what’s losing a few old books!

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