COD Lunches

My friend Donna told me she wished we lived closer so we could have COD lunches. She said she regularly has those with some of her friends. I had no idea what she meant so she explained. A COD lunch is a time to have a conversation of depth with a friend you can talk to about all most anything, even religion and politics. Wow, I thought, rare friends indeed are those you can broach with those two topics! Religion and politics we usually avoid in polite conversation, especially at the same time. It’s sad, but even at church it’s not safe to express political views because politics has divided us so. Whichever way you lean, someone is going to be offended, and I don’t want to lose friends. Then I ask myself, if my take on politics causes me to lose a Christian friend, then something is not right with our politics! God is a God of love, inclusion and reconciliation, not division.

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