Creativity Is a Gift

Have you ever been to a quilt show? I was invited to attend by Paula (another friend named Paula). I knew her as the administrative assistant at Home Hospice, so was surprised to learn she was also a master quilter who had given lessons for years. She was being honored at the show. Paula’s personal quilts and those of many she had taught were hanging near the ceiling of the large hall. Other quilts were displayed for judging in rows up and down the room. So many were absolutely gorgeous! How was I going to choose my favorite? It’s like when someone asks me what my favorite scripture is. No way can I choose just one. I was tempted to pick the quilt made for a local horse farm but finally settled on a colorful starburst pattern with a large variety of intricate stitching. It’s wonderful to realize that creativity is a gift from God and can be expressed in so many different ways.

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