Happy Scents–or Not

This is not going to be easy. “Surround yourself with scents that invoke happy memories for you.” That’s the matchstick suggestion for this week. I don’t think they have candles or soaps that smell like horse breath. You may think horse breath sounds yucky but it doesn’t. It smells like sweet grass hay and, well, like horse, one of my favorite smells. I also like the smell of saddle leather. Those are the scents that bring back many happy memories of my horse riding days. I’ll just have to settle for the lavender soap my neighbor gave me for picking up her mail and the scented candles others have given me for one reason or another. I could fry up some of that fresh okra my friends Jerry and Paula gave me from their garden. That’s a scent I love and it reminds me of my mother’s and grandmother’s cooking. Aren’t we happy God gave us the sense of smell! Well, most of the time anyway.

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