Born Mean?

Our friend Jerry was telling us about his bout last week with a calf he was herding into a chute for vaccination. He said he saw her shake her head at him, but thought nothing of it. Then the little heifer charged and butted him backward. Then, he said, she stood back and did it again! We all laughed, but I said: “You should sell that calf. She’s got a mean streak. And, she’s only going to get bigger and meaner.” I remember a cow my granddad had that would try to squeeze him in the barn door and then kick at him while he was milking her. Some cows are just born mean. You wonder if some people are born mean too. I don’t like to think so, although you do wonder. Of course, we’re all born needing Christ to clean up our lives, and not just that, but to go deeper and change our hearts. 

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