I Love That in You!

I’m trying to figure this out. “Write down one thing you love about 5 different people.” Does that mean one thing they all have in common or one thing distinctive to each person? I’m going with the latter in this week’s matchstick suggestion. (I tend to want to use my children or grandchildren in this list and sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, but I might be a bit prejudiced. They are all exceptional!) Though I’m a single now, I have a friend who invites me to share in her and her husband’s activities several times a week. I have a neighbor who acts insulted if I don’t ask him for help when I need it. My pastor is Christ-centered and doesn’t mix politics and religion in his sermons. Our county librarian works tirelessly to update our library with the latest technology, creating many more services for people. An 85-year-old choir director writes music, teaches voice, performs at various functions and challenges us choir members with new, complicated choral music. These all have personal traits I love and admire. I like this week’s suggestion. It made me appreciate people’s fine qualities that I may have been taking for granted. 

2 thoughts on “I Love That in You!

  1. I always enjoy what you write. For some reason this really hit me between the eyes. Recently it has become easy for me to see faults all the time. This is a good reminder to look for the good. Thank you.


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