His Prayer Is for Us


Reading through John’s Gospel this morning, I read Jesus’ prayer before his crucifixion. That’s in John 17. It is so moving to read Jesus’ thoughts before he sacrificed his life for us. He prays for himself, looking forward to his return to his Father, then he prays for his disciples and then he prays for us, his church.  When he returned to his Father, he didn’t leave his people alone. He sent the Holy Spirit to his church and he sent his church to the world. The church is his body in this world. We are one in Christ. Quoting T.T. Torrance: “The church is not the body of the Spirit, but through the Spirit the body of the incarnate and risen Son of God. It is the unity of the church as a spiritual body, living out in its flesh and blood existence its unity with Christ and its obedience to his atoning reconciliation.” Part of what we must express as a church in this life is not only our love, but unity and obedience to Christ. How sad it is that love, unity with him and among ourselves, and obedience to Christ’s way of life is not how the world sees us. 


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