Make Some Plans

Happiness suggestion this week: “Make some plans to look forward to.” I’m making plans to attend a women’s conference in California in a couple of months. One of my daughters is going with me, so I am looking forward to our trip west. It seems I’m always looking forward to a trip somewhere. I do like to see new places and revisit places I haven’t seen in a while. Travel, especially internationally, can be hectic but it’s worth it. Seeing new areas and making new friends—it’s very  rewarding. Travel also broadens your perspective. When you see how people live and what they have to face every day, it helps you better understand and empathize with their problems.  We don’t have to travel far to do that, of course. Just paying attention to people we come in contact with daily and caring about what happens to them can be done right where we live. Jesus is our prime example. Let’s plan to do something to encourage someone this week. Then we’ll both be happy! 

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