It’s Life’s Biggie!

This week’s matchstick suggestion: “Think of someone you appreciate, then call or write to say thanks.” What a long list I have to choose from. But when being grateful who always comes to mind first is our Lord Jesus. He unselfishly lived his life, died and was resurrected so we could be reconciled to God and share with him eternal life. That’s a biggie! Especially I’ve been thinking of that greatest gift during this Lenten season, which ends this weekend with Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Can we even begin to comprehend the depths of Jesus’ love and what his sacrifice means for us? We were dead in our sins, but now it’s as if we never sinned! Because of Jesus’ sacrifice that’s how God looks at us. As the apostle Paul wrote, our lives are now “hidden with Christ in God.” It’s a done deal, folks! As we take the communion symbols this Sunday, let’s keep the immense significance of that sacrifice in mind, realizing that Christ’s body and blood is the bridge between our old decaying, dead life in this world and our new eternal life in his kingdom. And, let’s say, thank you, Lord!


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