“What Happened?”

“What happened?” we asked. Our friend’s nose was damaged and various colored bruises from reddish brown to greenish gray surrounded her left eye. Several had heard about her accident, but we wanted to hear the whole story from her. She said when she saw feral hogs in her pasture, she got her late husband’s deer rifle and went after them. Wild hogs are a big problem in Texas. They cause a lot of damage to yards and pastures. She raised the scope of the heavy gun to her eye and got one of the hogs. But when she fired, the gun kicked back and the scope hit her nose and face. She’s not a big woman. She went down. Immediately blood covered her face. She was hundreds of yards from her house, but she picked herself up and started back home, hoping she didn’t pass out on the way. I noticed she had an Apple watch on her wrist. “Why didn’t you call for help?” I asked. “Oh, I didn’t want all those volunteer firemen to have to leave their jobs and come out there,” she said. Then she proudly added, “But I did get that hog!” They raise ‘em tough in Texas! 

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