Uniquely Funny

Another fun and easy matchstick suggestion this week: “Make a dinner date with someone who makes you laugh.” I’ve got several very good choices. I believe laughter is a gift from God. It’s part of what makes us human. As hard as they are trying, artificial intelligence (AI) guys haven’t been able to make robots catch on to what makes people laugh. And, of course, we don’t all think the same things are funny. I love the puns newspaper headline writers come up with while others may read right over them. Jokes that make me cringe can send others into fits of laughter. Even professional comedians can’t always predict what will make people laugh. God created us as unique individuals. Each one of us is a totally different human being. There’s only one of us. So if something I write that I think is funny doesn’t bring a smile to your face, that’s OK. I understand. Now I’ve got to get ready for that dinner date!

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