Rise Up and Walk

Did you ever want to be able, like the disciples, to put your hands on someone and instantly heal him or her? Of course, I’ve prayed for people, and prayers have been answered. But, when I see a little child trapped forever in a wheelchair or someone tapping their way along with a white cane, I have this deep desire to, well, just walk over and say, in the name of Jesus rise up and walk or let your eyes be opened. I’m feeling this way now because a friend is suffering with severe macular degeneration, made worse by glaucoma. She’s also not getting a lot of encouragement from the specialist she’s seeing. When her friends are all together, we act like everything’s OK, but her husband is worried. We’re all worried! He said to me privately it would kill her if she wasn’t able to read. And, what would she do if something happened to me, he said. I’m praying and I hope you will too.


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