A Friend Called

A friend just called. We were supposed to go to lunch with some other friends tomorrow, but she had gotten a bad report from her doctor. This friend has had several close calls with cancer and is carefully monitored with frequent blood tests. They took her off a round of chemo about a month ago, saying everything looked OK. But this last blood test was not good and she has to go to a specialist tomorrow for further tests. She is very matter of fact when she talks about her health. Over the years I have known her, she just states the facts about her various surgeries and continues being her positive self. This time she says she’s frightened, a word I’ve not heard from her before. The temperature is dropping. It’s going to be in the low 20s (-6 Celsius) tonight. That’s cold for Texas. I’m in a warm house right now, but I’m feeling cold inside. I hate cancer!


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