A Touch of Grace

Whoa! What? “You have been called to be the look on his face, the tone of his voice, and the touch of his hand” (Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies). This is how Tripp describes God’s plan: “A God of grace makes his invisible grace visible by sending his people of grace to reflect his grace to people who need grace.” I believe those beautiful words. They should be foremost in my thoughts as I go about in my world every day. But, reality check. I used to be the calming voice. When my easy going husband got in the car, his personality changed. People cutting him off made Ed’s temperature rise. Now that I’m the one doing all the driving, something has happened to me. I’m morphing into Ed! When I have to hit my brakes to avoid another driver’s bad decision, it’s automatic. I’m angry! I do not have the look of Christ’s face or the tone of his voice. So, I’ve been gritting my teeth, remembering my calling and chanting this mantra: It’s OK. You’re not in a hurry. You’re not in a hurry. You’re not in a hurry. That also works when someone cuts in front of me in line at the grocery store. You can borrow it if you like.

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