Hospice Is Not a Bad Word

Volunteering at the Home Hospice office in Gainesville today. It’s not a challenging job like patient care. I’ve done that too, so I know. It’s basically keeping the office open while the staff is out doing the hard stuff. The most difficult task for me will be staying awake on this slow afternoon. The person who usually sits at this desk, Paula, is on vacation this week so several of us are taking turns manning the desk. Home Hospice is a nonprofit hospice so volunteers are always needed and appreciated. This particular hospice is special to me because they were with me when my mother died and again were a great support as I cared for my husband at home until his death. Hospice is a scary term for many, but for me, I know what a contribution hospice staff and volunteers make to patients and families when terminal illness comes to call. Patients can go on hospice when their doctors agree that they could die within six months. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes patients don’t die within the six months because of the good care the hospice staffs provide. If you have a loved one who doctors agree could be terminal within six months, don’t wait. Take advantage of the wonderful care hospice gives. (Yes, check out the hospices in your area. Get references first. Like any other organization, all hospices aren’t the same.)

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