Back Roads

My daughter wanted to go on a road trip this weekend. Nothing major, just a day out of the city. So she drove up from Dallas and we got in my RAV4 and headed east on 82 to Sherman and then north on 75. Sunday afternoon was one of those sunny but cool fall days we Texans look forward to after months of 3-digit-summer temperatures. We ended up having lunch at Pelican’s Landing at Cedar Mills Resort on Lake Texoma. We opted for fish and chips outside on the deck. We knew about the place because we had put together a family reunion there several years ago. Not sure the fish and chips were as good as I remember, but watching the boats, especially the sail boats, maneuver back and forth through the lake was healing to the senses. What is it about water and boats! Daughter Tina didn’t want to go back the way we had come so we drove north across the lake into Oklahoma and took back roads west toward Interstate 35. We passed fields with cattle and horses and drove through small towns busy highways had left behind. Road trips can take you away from everyday concerns, but the best part—spending a day with a daughter.


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