Tiny Flower Lovers

It was such a pretty day, I took my breakfast out to my patio table. A hummingbird was attending to the rosebush and other flowers. Then a flash of color as a little larger hummingbird arrived. This one was ruby-throated. They’re not uncommon in this part of the country, but I hadn’t seen one in a while. Though I don’t have hummingbird feeders, the tiny birds love my flowers. I’ve seen them at my birdbath too. Cardinals and wrens build nests in my shrubs and roost there as well. The birds enjoy my front and backyard gardens as sanctuaries. That makes me happy!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Flower Lovers

  1. I one time had a hummingbird hover by me as to say “come and see”. I followed her to a mini nest stuffed with two young. She was so proud and happy. God has made such glorious things! Thanks Shiela for the reminder!


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