Gifts From God

When I look at all the flowers, from the lowly blossoms springing up randomly in my yard to the gorgeous irises, tulips, vincas and more in my flower beds this spring, I’m amazed some can say they don’t believe in a Creator God. Several of my family and I visited and viewed the large expanses of bluebonnets in Texas this spring. I’ve read the indigenous peoples believed they were a gift from God. I can’t disagree. God loves to create and he never stops creating. That’s why we see such a variety of flowers, trees, animals, sea life and people all around the world. May we all come to respect and enjoy what God calls his good creation.

One thought on “Gifts From God

  1. An amazing creation! I saw a picture of magnification of a spot on a log, and it was a glowing mushroom so small we normally cannot see it. Thanks Sheila!


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