Generous in Gifts

Have you ever started a new job and found no one would offer to help you catch on to all the unfamiliar company procedures? This happens in some work environments where people are anxious about their jobs. You are seen as the competition. Or maybe you find yourself a bit jealous when you see someone else promoted at work. Our Savior was never that way. He didn’t hoard his spiritual gifts. He allowed his disciples to heal and to cast out demons. He also gave these spiritual powers to the seventy when he sent them out. When his disciples questioned others not in their group who were casting out demons in his name, Jesus said leave them alone. As followers of Jesus we all were given gifts and talents to serve. Let’s not be jealous or concerned about sharing them with others. Like Jesus, let’s be generous, putting any thoughts of competitiveness behind us.

One thought on “Generous in Gifts

  1. Thanks Sheila, I need this constant reminder, not so much jealousy, but feeling I need confirmation. Jesus is all we need!


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