Every Sparrow

While growing up I would hear my dad complain about sparrows eating his maize crop, so to me sparrows were bad. Even now when I see sparrows feeding on birdseed meant for cardinals, chickadees and bluebirds, my first thought is to shoo them away. But, when the Scriptures tell us God knows every time one tiny sparrow falls, it tells me he cares about sparrows too. They may be dull colored little beggars, but he created them and he calls his creation good. When we consider how blessed we are in this country, dressed like Joseph in his splendid, many-colored coat, I hope we don’t believe God cares for us more than for those covered in rags in other countries, suffering famine and disease.

One thought on “Every Sparrow

  1. Oh how we need a constant reminder of this. All in Gods creation are precious and gifts to us if we see their value in Gods eyes. Thanks Sheila!


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