The Perfect Human

Speaking of our perfect human, Jesus also kept all the Ten Commandments, perfectly, fulfilling them for us. He called them good. But, when God gave the Ten to Israel, to help them navigate through life as his chosen people, the devil saw his chance. He used the commandments not as a bridge to righteous living but as a block to the grace of God. Remember the Pharisees who kept all the commandments, plus a lot of addons, yet were described by Christ in very uncomplimentary terms as abject sinners. The devil is still using them in the same way today. He sets the Commandments up as the ideal standard for Christian life. You can keep all Ten and feel pretty good about yourself, not realizing your absolute dependence on Christ. Our Ten Commandment righteousness is not enough. To fulfill Christ’s standard of righteousness we need his marvelous gift of grace.

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