Kings and Priests, Really!

Do you feel overwhelmed when you read all the places in the Scriptures proclaiming we as the children of God will be kings and priests in God’s Kingdom? I realize the Bible writers sometimes write poetically, often using metaphors to portray the glories of what God has in store for his children. But, kings and priests, really! Hard to imagine that scenario. I have to agree with C.S. Lewis when he said we humans in our search for pleasure expect way too little in the way of happiness than what God has in store.

2 thoughts on “Kings and Priests, Really!

  1. Another way of thinking about it may be the responsibility of kings and priests. We as well have a responsibility to love and care for all in our kingdom, whether that is a real one or just our own home. Honors yes, but loved shared and sacrifices given as well. Thanks for always making me think and for drawing me closer to God. Love, Anne


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